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Our Featured Family Of Boiled Peanuts

We package our peanuts in multiple 2lb. bags to make them easy to share or freeze for later if sharing isn’t your thing smile

Classic Southern Jumbos

The original must-haves. Perfectly soft, never too salty. These are what other boiled peanuts aspire to be.

2 x 2lb Bags Southern (4 lbs total)


Low Salt

These are the quieter siblings to our originals. Still that same great classic, we just hold off a bit on the salt part of the recipe and add citrus so they are still full of flavor.

2 x 2lb Bags Low Salt (4 lbs total)


Spicy Habanero

In every family, there is always a troublemaker. We take our classic southern and dress it up with an extra kick and lingering heat that will keep building as you snack. They’re as fun to cook as they are to eat.

2 x 2lb Bags Spicy Habanero (4 lbs total)


Sometimes More IS Better…

For folks who like to spice things up with variety, we offer even more flavors and combos below

Special of the Day

$6 Savings – limited time offer
4 X 2lb Bags Southern (8 lbs. total – $48 value)


SOLD OUT -New Flavor Coming Soon

2 x Bags of Jumbo Dill Pickle Peanuts (4 lbs total)

A new twist on the old dill receipe we offered up last year.  More dill, more vinegar and other spices to give this delicious new nut more of a pickle profile.


Southern Comfort

3 x 2lb Bags Southern (6 lbs total)
+Stone Ground Grits (milled locally)


4 Nuts in a Box

OUT OF STOCK (Roasted on Back Order)

2lb Southern + 2lb Habanero + 2lb Low Salt + Bag of Roasted


ALL NEW Peanut Party Combo

2 x 2lb Southern + 2 x 2lb Habanero
(8lbs total)


Chef’s Choice

A 4 bag mix that could include the original Jumbos, Spicy Habaneros, Little Hotties, and/or a new featured flavor. Only for the adventurous. No subs or take backs 🙂    


Make It A Gift Or Care Package

Send a taste of the South to homesick students, transplanted Southerners or friends and family who have acquired a taste for this Southern delicacy but can’t get good fresh boiled peanuts in their area. Simply order the peanuts of your choice and add your gift wrap or message option at checkout. Sending multiple gifts? We make it easy. Once you complete an order for one address, you can quickly use our convenient “New Order” button to create a new order to send to another lucky recipient.

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Based on the true story of Charlotte, the lonely rescue dog, and the valuable lessons she learned when she moved to a small beach town to be adopted by an ice cream truck.


When Donkeys Fly

(1st Edition / Hard Cover)

When Donkeys Fly teaches children, and the adults in their lives, that no matter who they are or what others may say, anyone can go anywhere and do anything as long as he or she believes.


Visit Our HAPPIE Truck

Visiting Edisto Beach, SC?  Be sure to listen for the HAPPIE Truck and enjoy our famous boiled peanuts or choose from a wide variety of classic ice cream and other frozen treats straight from our truck.

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Last summer I brought 2 lbs. of boiled peanuts from a rather famous peanut stand in Charleston with me to Edisto Island. When I got to the beach, I tried Ginger and Jill’s (The HAPPIE Chicks') peanuts, and found they were by far the freshest I have ever tasted… best I’ve ever had. Their peanuts are nicely salted and not covered in the slime I find many boiled peanuts have. Try them and you will be glad you did.

Dr. Deaton

I thought I had eaten really good boiled peanuts in my lifetime until the day I tried boiled peanuts from The HAPPIE Chicks. These peanuts are not only juicy and flavorful, they are really big with no duds in the batch. In short, The HAPPIE Chicks' Boiled Peanuts are superb and not to be missed.

Henry W., Edisto Beach SC

I fell in love with boiled peanuts during my college days at the Citadel but no one sells them here in Pittsburgh. Every year when we vacation in SC, I stock up but my family eats them all on the drive home. This summer, I discovered The HAPPIE Chicks' Boiled Peanuts. They are the big jumbo good ones that are so hard to find. Now, I have them delivered to my house and they are just as fresh and flavorful I as when I bought them on the island. And, since orders come packed in 2 packages, I even get my own bag!

Matt L., Pittsburgh PA

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