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Questions we have been asked in the past. (no kiddin’)

What the heck is a boiled peanut?

If you are asking this question, you most likely aren’t from around here ☺. Southern Boiled Peanuts are a Southern delicacy. They are peanuts that have been boiled in salt water until the kernels turn soft, juicy and delicious. WARNING: Jumbo Boiled Peanuts, when prepared properly, have proven to be highly addictive.

How do boiled peanuts taste?

We have learned that it is best to tell folks who have never tried boiled peanuts before not to think “peanut” think bean or “Southern Edamame” – then the soft (yet firm) texture is not so shocking and you are more apt to become a fan.

How do you eat boiled peanuts?

Though some people eat them whole (shell and all), most folks prefer to eat them like you eat most any other nut by opening the shell before enjoying the nut inside.

How do you ship boiled peanuts and keep them fresh?

The salt and vinegar we use when cooking act as a natural preservative. 

When will I receive my order?

We don’t ship every day. Since many areas don’t deliver on Sunday, we schedule our shipping accordingly. We ship Priority so orders get to most places in 2-3 days. Please keep an eye out for tracking information. It sometimes gets eaten by over-zealous SPAM filters 🙂

Are my peanuts still good to eat if arrive later than expected or lose vacuum seal?
Boiled Peanuts are classified as a non-hazardous food so they should be perfectly good. The salt and vinegar used in the cooking process acts as a natural preservative.
It is a good idea to use any bags that lose their seal during transit first or place in a gallon freezer bag for long term protection.
How long do boiled peanuts keep?

You can place the peanut package directly in your freezer for long-time storage (up to a year), in your refrigerator (best if used within 7 days), or for immediate enjoyment, you can heat and eat (per instructions in your shipment), enjoy slightly chilled or room temperature based on your P3 – Personal Peanut Preference.

Are your boiled peanuts salty?

Our boiled peanuts are salted to perfection for the masses. For folks who like their boiled peanuts extra salty, we have enclosed special salt boosting instructions.
Thanks to our friends who are watching their sodium intake, we now also offer a special Low-Salt Jumbo Boiled Peanut option. They still have full flavor. We add citrus so you don’t miss the salt. (This option is low-salt. Not no salt. Not recommended for strict no salt diets.)

Are your boiled peanuts mushy?

Heavens no. Unlike canned nuts, our Jumbo Boiled Peanut shells have that fresh pop when you open them. The nuts inside are pleasingly soft and juicy, but since we cook our peanuts one fresh batch at a time, they don’t have a chance to get too mushy.

If you like them mushy, we don’t judge and even enclose special heating instructions for those who prefer a mushy nut. The variety of peanuts we use (Virginia Jumbos) keep a firm shell throughout the cooking process so they are easy to open and enjoy no matter how long you cook them.

Are your Spicy Habanero Jumbo Boiled Peanuts crazy hot?

Our Spicy Habanero Jumbo Boiled Peanuts are more than just another hot nut. When we created our signature recipe, we specifically chose peppers that would not only bring the heat, they would kick in a full spectrum of flavors that linger and keep you coming back for more.

Why should I order boiled peanuts from The HAPPIE Chicks?

Haven’t you heard? We have been M.H.A. Mama Hodge Approved. If our peanuts aren’t “scrumpcelicious” (yes she made up this word) they don’t leave our kitchen. Don’t believe Mama Hodge? Check out our customer reviews. We decided to sell on-line because our sweet little island visitors asked us to.

What makes your Jumbo Boiled Peanuts so good?

There is just something in the water ☺. Seriously, in addition to our “secret ingredient” we use Edisto Beach water. It is a tad salty to the taste. It is an “acquired taste” for drinking but EXCELLENT to use for Southern cooking – especially boiled peanuts or grits.

How long do you cook your boiled peanuts?

We cook our peanuts one batch at a time and personally taste test each batch to make sure that the flavor, the texture and the juiciness makes us say “wow, this is a great batch!”
That being said, the short answer is – we cook them until they are done ☺.

How will my order arrive? Frozen?

We ship them frozen but they will arrive fully thawed and ready to heat, eat, refrigerate or freeze.

Why are your Southern Peanuts less expensive than your Low Salt Peanuts?

We cook them in smaller batches with more expensive ingredients.

Are your peanuts GREEN?

That depends on your definition of “green”. Our peanuts are current year crop but some of the moisture has been removed so they stay fresh longer. If by “green” you mean straight out of the ground and into the pot ours don’t fit that definition, but according to our repeat customers they are just as delicious 🙂

Are your peanuts Gluten Free?

Nothing that we add is known to have gluten. Nothing listed on any of the packaging for the peppers, spices and such, but that being said nothing is saying “Certified Gluten Free” either so could have been processed with items that contain gluten.  So the short answer is – as far as we know they do not contain gluten.

Why do you use Jumbo Boiled Peanuts?

Cuz they are bigger. Duh. ☺

How did you get the name HAPPIE CHICKS' Boiled Peanuts?

We drive a small ice-cream truck on Edisto Island called The HAPPIE Truck. The folks at the bank couldn’t tell us apart (or remember our names) so they started just writing The HAPPIE Chicks on our receipt bag. Yes. This is a small town.

How many should I order for a group?

We suggest as much as 1/2 lb (8oz) each for big groups who are Boiled Peanut fans and as little as 3 oz each if peanuts are only one of many appetizers or for big groups with just a few real boiled peanut fans sprinkled in. 

If you are not sure, keep in mind that each order comes in 2 x 2lb bags.  Just open and heat them as you need them and freeze the left-over bags of peanuts for later use.

Will you bring The HAPPIE Truck to my house?

Maybe ☺. Email us.