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Heating Instructions


To ensure freshness please refrigerate (up to 7 days after opening bag) or freeze peanuts immediately upon receiving your order.

USPS is usually great to work with but they have let us down on occasion. Peanuts that lose their vacuum-seal during shipping should still be perfectly good. The salt and vinegar we use when cooking acts as a natural preservative.

You’re Ready to Eat
  • Bring 1/2 gallon of tap water to a boil in a saucepan
  • Remove the peanuts from plastic bag and add to boiling water
  • Quickly remove saucepan from the heat
  • Wait a few minutes and then remove all of the peanuts from the water (peanuts could lose some of their salty goodness if left soaking too long)
  • Peanuts will be warm, juicy, perfectly seasoned and ready to eat

*Note: once reheated, any leftover peanuts can be stored in the refrigerator and are best if used within 7 days

Like your peanuts EXTRA Salty or EXTRA Spicy?

Add ¼ to ½ cup of salt and/or peppers/ hot sauce (depending on your taste) to vigorously boiling water (see directions above) and let soak to achieve desired flavor.

Like your Peanuts EXTRA Soft?

Add salt and simmer (20+ minutes) to achieve desired softness before removing saucepan from heat.

Spicy Peanuts

If you ordered our Spicy peanuts, please be mindful that they are cooked with fresh Habanero Peppers and touching eyes and such could be quite unpleasant. Please wash your hands thoroughly.