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Get the taste of Edisto Beach, SC year-round. Have a bag of The HAPPIE Chicks’ jumbo boiled peanuts delivered fresh from our cooker to your door — FREE shipping available.

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Visiting Edisto Beach, SC? Look for the HAPPIE Truck where you can buy ice cream, our famous boiled peanuts and an Edisto Island tee shirt. 

Last summer I brought 2 lbs. of boiled peanuts from a rather famous peanut stand in Charleston with me to Edisto Island. When I got to the beach, I tried Ginger and Jill’s (The HAPPIE Chicks') peanuts, and found they were by far the freshest I have ever tasted… best I’ve ever had. Their peanuts are nicely salted and not covered in the slime I find many boiled peanuts have. Try them and you will be glad you did.

Dr. Deaton

I thought I had eaten really good boiled peanuts in my lifetime until the day I tried boiled peanuts from The HAPPIE Chicks. These peanuts are not only juicy and flavorful, they are really big with no duds in the batch. In short, The HAPPIE Chicks' Boiled Peanuts are superb and not to be missed.

Henry W., Edisto Beach SC

I fell in love with boiled peanuts during my college days at the Citadel but no one sells them here in Pittsburgh. Every year when we vacation in SC, I stock up but my family eats them all on the drive home. This summer, I discovered The HAPPIE Chicks' Boiled Peanuts. They are the big jumbo good ones that are so hard to find. Now, I have them delivered to my house and they are just as fresh and flavorful I as when I bought them on the island. And, since orders come packed in 2 packages, I even get my own bag!

Matt L., Pittsburgh PA

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